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64 Movement Yang Shih T’ai Chi Ch’uan Form
Developed by
Dr. Robert Carpenter, DOM

 Heaven Section

1.	Preparation
2.	Commencement
3.	Grasp Bird’s Tail
    A.	Ward Off Left (Peng)
    B.	Ward Off Right (Peng)
    C.	Rollback (Lu)
    D.	Squeeze (Ji)
    E.	Split (Lieh)
    F.	Pull Down (Tsai)
    G.	Push (An)
4.	Single Whip
5.	Raise Hands Catch Moon at Sea Bottom
6.	White Crane Spreads Wings
7.	Brush Knee, Twist Step (Left)
8.	Play Guitar
9.	Brush Knee, Twist Step (Left)
10.	Brush Knee, Twist Step (Right)
11.	Brush Knee, Twist Step (Left)
12.	Deflect, Parry, Punch
13.	Apparently Close Up
14.	Cross Hands

Earth Section

15.	Carry Tiger to Mountain
16.	Fist Under Elbow
17.	Step Back, Repulse Monkey
    A.	Right
    B.	Left
    C.	Right
    D.	Left
    E.	Right
18.	Slant Flying
19.	Raise Hands
20.	White Crane Spreads Wings
21.	Brush Knee, Twist Step (Left)
22.	Needle at Sea Bottom
23.	Fan Through Back
24.	Turn and Chop Opponent with Fist
25.	Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
26.	Step Up, Grasp Bird’s Tail
27.	Single Whip
28.	Wave Hands Like Clouds (Five Steps)
29.	Single Whip
30.	Snake Creeps Down #1
31.	Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
    A.	Left
    B.	Right
32.	High Pat on Horse (Right)
33.	Draw  Bow (Right)
34.	Separate Right Foot
35.	High Pat on Horse (Left)
36.	Draw Bow (Left)
37.	Separate Left Foot
38.	Turn, Punch, Turn Cross Leg Kick
39.	Hit the Tiger
    A.	Left
    B.	Right
40.	Kick with Heel (Right)
41.	Strike Ears with Fists
42.	Kick with Heel (Left)
43.	Turn, Kick with Heel (Right)
44.	Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
45.	Apparently Close Up
46.	Cross Hands

            Human Section

47.	Carry Tiger to Mountain
48.	Diagonal Single Whip
49.	Part Wild Horse’s Mane
    A.	Right
    B.	Left
    C.	Right
50.	Grasp Bird’s Tail
51.	Single Whip
52.	Fair Lady Works the Shuttle
    A.	N.E.
    B.	N.W.
    C.	S.W.
    D.	S.E.
53.	Grasp Bird’s Tail
54.	Single Whip
55.	Snake Creeps Down #2
56.	Step Up to Seven Stars
57.	Retreat to Ride Tiger
58.	Turn, Lotus Kick
59.	Shoot Tiger with Bow
60.	Deflect, Parry, Punch
61.	Apparently Close Up
62.	Cross Hands
63.	Close Form
64.	Restoration